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Branding is before the business plan.  Everything works around it.  Everything comes from it.  No matter what stage your personal or company’s brand is in, we can help.  Brand is no longer about logos and business cards.  Brand is about the message.  A message based on you, your companies value and mission.  Develop it first.  Customer want to see it be consistent.  Consistency takes planning.

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Mass communication people.  Think about the avenue that your marketing idea is traveling through.  How does this ingenious advertising epiphany get to customers?  What is the substance, the material or semi-material thing  they are looking at or holding?  That is media and we do it better than anyone.

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It’s where most companies deviate from the brand.  That can be by choice or an accident.  Your social media should be on message, and branded.  That means branded to point, or physically branded.  We are experts.  Set goals.  It’s so easy for business to be distracted from message.  This strategy must stay true to values and mission.  This is where you get the most bang for your buck from us.  We can full on monthly manage all your social media.  We meet, we stay on point.

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The web is a congested place.  Web architects, developers and designers coughing up complicated designs and back-ends so the small business can’t comprehend how to manage it when it’s done.  This is how they get you folks.  Our products are designed with “end user” management in mind.  By all means hire us to manage the site, but you won’t have to.

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Here it is.  Here is what you get with gumbofridays you don’t get with any other firm; calibration. Wait, what?  In our books calibration is defined as a few things.  Everything from leadership coaching to process mapping and even on site evaluations of efficiency.  This product alone could save a company enough money to pay for all the other service we offer.

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