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We are project managers at our core. A project always has an end. Many consultants in our industry see the brand and media business as a regular source of service based income. We are different. While we very well managing brands, websites and social media the ultimate goal is to deliver products and solutions with finality. You can then decide. Many choose us, for after delivery management, but the product will be delivered in a package that will allow for in-house management
Our services are not an ocean away. While me way use headsets, we probably just have an iPhone stuck to our ear. Our clients are focused in the Austin, Texas area.













A business, at its core, has two responsibilities to customers; innovation and marketing.  Business’s must do both to succeed.  When you think about a successful business they master something that is innovative.  Innovation can be bringing a new product to market, or providing innovative service for an existing product.

We focus our work on businesses with less than 30 employees.

These days innovation alone can get a business through its infancy.  Through media a business can appear to thrive on innovation alone, but only for a short time.  This primary step is usually missed.  The business must deliver a focused message targeted to existing and new customers.